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Grinding & Tuckpointing: Protect Your Mortar’s Strength

While the bricks of your fireplace and chimney might last for many decades, the mortar has a shorter lifespan. Direct Chimney Services offers tuckpointing and grinding services to repair older mortar. If you find that your mortar is crumbling or that you are able to stick a knife between the bricks and its stays, tuckpointing is needed.

How Does Tuckpointing Work?

Tuckpointing involves placing ‘tuck’ mortar into the gaps and cracks between bricks of your chimney or fireplace. We use a tool called a ‘pointing’ trowel to place the new mortar. But first before the new mortar can be added, the old must be grounded down and removed to a certain depth. Tuckpointing is labour intensive and requires a professional to handle the job carefully.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing not only improves the aesthetics of your chimney or fireplace, but helps keep out moisture. Cracks and splits in your mortar can let in water which can compromise the integrity and strength of the masonry. When water freezes and thaws, it widens cracks and breaks down the mortar, making the bricks or stones loose in the structure. This could mean the whole structure might need to be torn down and replaced. To avoid that hassle and expense, tuckpointing is recommended for routine mortar repair.

Catching mortar problems early will keep your fireplace and chimney lasting longer for many decades to come. If you require grinding and tuckpointing services, request an estimate from Direct Chimney Services in Toronto today.

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