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Chimney Sweeping & Humane Animal Removal

Maintain a clean and safe chimney with sweeping and cleaning services from Direct Chimney Services in Toronto. After each use of your fireplace and chimney, creosote, soot, and other debris can build up. Cleaning and sweeping eliminate these hazardous materials, preventing chimney fires. Furthermore, sweeping your chimney after the burning season can also remove residues in the flue that can cause smells in your home during spring and summer.

Humane Animal Removal

Sometimes birds, squirrels, racoons, and other creatures make their homes in your chimney. Direct Chimney Services can provide a quick visual inspection to ensure your chimney is clear of animals. If an animal is discovered, our trained chimney experts can remove it safely and securely without causing harm.

Visual Inspections

Our quick visual inspection can also help us determine if further maintenance is required for your chimney or fireplace. Factors like usage, house settling, and weathering can contribute to problems that require repairs and rebuilds.

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