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Maintain Your Chimney with Chimney Repair in Toronto

Chimneys require repairs and rebuilds throughout the long years of use. If you notice obvious cracks on the sides or crown of your chimney, smoke escaping the sides, damaged mortar, rust on the damper or firebox, or other issues, repairs and rebuilds are necessary. Direct Chimney Services provides chimney repair in Toronto from professional builders and repairers for all chimney renovation needs.

Getting your chimney repaired or rebuilt can prevent the following:

  • Fire damage
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Collapsing chimneys
  • Smoke damage to the inside of your home
  • Black mould buildup
  • Falling pieces of concrete/brick

Parging Services

Direct Chimney Services also offers parging for chimneys. We use our parging mixture on walls to enhance appearances and cover existing cracks to protect against weather. Parging can often be used instead of replacing the bricks.

Chimney Caps

We can properly install chimney caps to your chimney. A chimney cap can prevent water from entering the chimney, stop downdrafts into your home, keep animals from nesting, and deflect sparks. Ask about our chimney cap installations today. We can also install chimney and furnace liners.

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