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Chimney & Furnace Liners & Inspections

A chimney liner creates a safe passageway for flue gases to pass through and maintains the chimney’s structural integrity. Liners can be made of clay, ceramic, or metal conduit. At Direct Chimney Services in Toronto, we install liners for chimneys and furnaces. We have the years of experience to know just what type of liner you need. Furthermore, our inspection services can determine if your older liner requires replacement.

Some of the benefits of chimney liners include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection from heat-caused fire on adjacent woodwork
  • Protection from corrosive by-products of combustion on masonry
  • Maintaining of a proper-sized flue inside the chimney
  • Appliances running more efficiently
  • Reduction of creosote buildup
  • Prevention of carbon monoxide production

In addition to taking care of your chimneys, Direct Chimney Services also provides fireplace repairs and installations. Contact us for more details.

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